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We have been passionate about natural health products for a long long while. In those days of growing up us kids, our medication for wounds, colds, flu are just a concoction from leaves that are been handed by the generation before our parents. e.g. use of young guava leaves for cleaning wounds, tobacco leaves for treating big wounds, squeezed bitter melon leaves for cough.
We practice integrative medicine though because for sickness like for colds and flu, we use analgesic similar to panadol and made compresses with infusion of coconut oil.
“If  we only knew this”,  it could probably help our family  better cope with the effects of modern diseases that almost nowadays every family is experiencing e.g. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, etc.
Every one  always has something to share especially in the area of health and we ourselves are always on the lookout and research on medicinal plants, super foods, herbals, topics about high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, cancer, weight loss, diabetes, arthritis, etc.
Green Health Direct has been culminated to share our passion for good health and that hopefully we can passed on something through our articles, products and in the news section. The rest is just an application. As the saying goes, “We can only lead a horse to a water, but we can not make it drink the water”.
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