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Colon Cleanse For Weight Loss

Colon Cleanse Weight Loss

Do you really want to know why people are fat?  By time you finish studying the article you’ll understand the significance of getting a colon cleansing for weight loss and how it can make losing weight so much easier.

You are ready to learn the truth aren’t you?

First, here’s the scary part…over 75 percent of people in America are overweight. And the statistic has been rising decade after decade after decade.

The most interesting thing to note about this alarming fact is that we are so overweight that we keep doing more things to lose weight, but we continue to get fatter?

More people are on diets than ever before. More people are eating “diet food” like diet sodas, diet prepackaged food, etc. etc. than before. More people are concerned and eating low fat food than ever before. More people are concerned and are eating low calorie foods than ever before. More diet pills are used than ever before.

But the simple fact of the matter is despite all this effort being put into losing weight, we are fatter than ever be.

How can this be?

Why you may need to do a colon cleanse for weight loss.

Most fat people have a sluggish digestive system (Stomach, Small and Large Intestine (Colon).

If you are overweight, you more than likely have a problem with producing digestive enzymes. If you are not producing enough digestive enzymes your food does not get converted as energy and has a higher chance of being stored as fat.

Your colon is not as healthy as a thin person’s colon. So, the number one reason your metabolism is slow is due to what you put in your body. The poisons that you put in your body affect your metabolism.

So cleansing the colon means ridding your body of toxins such as nonprescription and prescription drugs, chemical residue used in the growing of food, the artificial food addictives used by manufacturers, and the toxins in your water supply, primarily chlorine and fluoride.

Toxins lodge primarily in the colon and fat cells throughout the body. When your body is highly toxic your body demands that these toxins be diluted.

This causes your body to retain water and increase its fat stores in an attempt to dilute the poisons.

A colon cleansing system is the best way to lose eight with very little effort and keep it off forever.

Something else I want to say. If you are still unsure if you need a colon cleanse, this tip will answer that for you…unless you are having two to three bowel movements per day, you are in fact constipated.

Colon Cleanse Affects Metabolism

Colon cleansing diets will dramatically increase your metabolism, and you can lose up to ten pounds by simply getting rid of the embedded toxins in your colon.

Now, you understand why colon cleansing for weight loss will help you lose excess fat and rev up your metabolism. The only question to ask yourself is just how fast will you get started!