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Fertility & Conception

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Hi there I understand you can’t give medical advice but was just wondering is this the best form of royal jelly to have to improve fertility as my husband and I are undergoing an ivf cycle in a couple of months?

This is the response from our Certified Health Counsellor

Have seen tremendous multiple success with fertility over the years & more so incorporating the Bee Pollen in the strategy (building up to 3 teaspoons daily).
They can both be used during pregnancy as well as post natal into lactating.
Also FYI, 5g of the 1.25KG FRJ & Honey contains 1000mg FRJ & 4 grams of honey.

This is our quick research

We just did a quick google on Royal Jelly and fertility and found this 2 websites

The 2nd web is mentioned in post #6 by teagan873

Theirs is only 650 mg Royal Jelly in each teaspoon. (This is Royal Jelly mixed in honey)

Our ratio is 1:4 that means in 1teaspoon (5g) there is 1.25g of RJ. So ours is much better. Recommended dosage is am/pm w/ provided spoon.


I noticed and read it is a mixture of royal jelly and pure honey.
What is the difference between royal jelly and pure honey?
Sorry for all these questions.

My wife has never taken this product before. She is Trying to work out if she need to add additional royal jelly capsules.
She’s hoping to boost her fertility.


Ratio is mentioned above.
Royal Jelly in capsule is not recommended as explained above in the description.

Royal Jelly link => Royal Jelly

Bee Pollen link  => Bee Pollen Granules

Mineral Magnesium => Mineral Magnesium

We have included  Magnesium here because being a master mineral we have an inkling that it can help with pregnancy.  And indeed there are lots of information on the web about it.