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40 Ways To Enjoy Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds Recipe Simplified.

Chia Seeds

  1. Mix 1 dessertspoon of Chia Seeds  with a quarter cup of water to make an egg substitute for baking cakes and cookies.
  2. Add Chia Seeds to apple juice to make “sago”.
  3. Grind seeds and add  to hot milk to make “Chia porridge”.
  4. Mix seeds through yogurt
  5. Add seeds to soup to thicken.
  6. Grind seeds and mix with flour milk and eggs to make pancakes.
  7.  Add seeds to salad dressings.
  8. Eat Chia seeds whole and raw as a snack.
  9. Add whole seed to diluted fruit juice to make Chia Fresca
  10. Make Chia pudding by adding whole seeds to milk, nut milk or soy milk.
  11. Make a “lassie” by blending Chia Seeds, yoghurt and fruit juice.
  12. Add ground Chia Seeds to smoothies.
  13. Add Chia Seeds to beaten eggs, soak for 10 minutes and make an omelette.
  14. Mix with Bragg’s sauce and brush over barbecued meats.
  15. Add ground Chia Seeds to flour when making bread.
  16. Make Chia pan bread by combining Chia Seeds, eggs, milk flour and  baking powder
  17. Add whole Chia seeds to a cake batter to make a heavy poppy seed like cake.
  18. Add seeds to stews to thicken.
  19. Throw some seeds into a stir fry
  20. Make a thin batter of ground Chia Seeds & milk and cook in a slow oven to make crackers.
  21. Sprinkle seeds over a salad.
  22. Pureed fruit, Chia Seeds and a little fruit juice is a good healthy topping.
  23. Stir whole seeds through cooked lentils
  24. Soak seeds in  beaten eggs and use this mix to make a frittata.
  25. Cook brown rice in vegetable stock and stir Chia Seeds through when rice is cooked.
  26.  Top a cheesecake with Chia Seeds soaked in fruit juice to make a gel.
  27. Add whole or ground seeds to cookie mixes.
  28. Mix ground seeds with ground beef to make meatballs.
  29. cook brown rice in apple juice, add grated apple and stir whole seeds through the mixture for a tasty dessert.
  30. Toasted ground Chia seeds mixed with honey and cinnamon makes a wonderful base for cheesecake.
  31. Add whole seeds to granola.
  32. Mix White Chia Seeds that have been soaked  in milk through mashed potatoes.
  33. Sprout the seeds and use in salads.
  34. Mix ground seeds with nut butter for a nutritious spread.
  35. Cinnamon, ground Chia Seeds and butter is great on hot scone.
  36. Add a desert spoon of Black Chia Seeds to a green jelly mix for “frogs egg jelly”.
  37. Spread a mixture of honey, cinnamon, dried fruit and ground Chia Seeds on to filo pastry sheets, roll up and cook in a hot oven.
  38. Mix the seeds, whole or ground through Tahini & honey.
  39. Add ground seeds soaked in egg to bind a burger mix (cook meat, cool & remove all fat).
  40. Soak Chia Seeds in milk and mix through hot oatmeal

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