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Miranda Kerr On Coconut Oil

We’ve learned about Miranda Kerr’s use of Coconut Oil a few days ago on a TV program. We just googled on the internet and here are some of the news topic we’ve gathered;

“Coconut oil is fattening and will certainly not help a person lose any weight.  And Miranda Kerr attributed her good figure to good genes.”


“Don’t take all your health advice from celebrities.”
Below is an extract from a  foreword from a book  “The Coconut Oil Miracle” by Bruce Fife.  A Certified Nutritionist and Naturopathic Doctor, is president of Coconut Research Center.


Up until now only a small group of lipid(fat) researchers were familiar with the incredible health benefits of a unique group of saturated fats found in coconut oil.  Most of those in the health care industry have been generally ignorant of these benefits, shunning coconut oil because of common misconceptions regarding dietary fat. But this situation is beginning to change as the amazing nutitional and therapeutic benefits of the tropical oils become better known.

Also like e.g. in Chapter 1: The Truth About Coconut Oil of the book, example references includes (this is just to show that Bruce did an extensive research)

  • Blonz, E.R. Scientists revising villain status of coconut oil. Oakland Tribune, January 23, 1991
  • Enig,M.G. 1999. Coconut: In support of good health in the 21s century. Paper presented at the 36th Annual Meeting of the APCC.
  • And more reputable references…(click “The Coconut Oil Miracle”  and click on “Click to have a look inside” without buying the book.
Does not it make sense that if Miranda is using it since she was 14 years old that she could be having high cholesterol level because of the high saturated fat content in coconut oil and just waiting for an accident related to cardio vascular diseases to happen?


Miranda Kerr is now 28 as of this writing, just had a baby boy a few month’s ago and still looks very slim and gorgeous as if she hadn’t given birth. It’s been 14 years of using coconut oil and so this give us some thoughts to ponder if coconut oil works or not.


It seems obvious that to this date there are some misconceptions about coconut oil. An extract from “What is MCT?”  may shed a light why it helps in losing weight.
A few foods are naturally rich in MCT(Medium Chain Triglycerides), a class of fatty acids. One good natural source is coconut oil, although palm oil contains small amounts too, as does milk fat.
The role of MCT  in improving nutrition in hospitalised patients, particularly those with critical or malabsorption conditions, has long been documented. However, it wasn’t long before sports scientists began to wonder if MCT  could offer a performance edge to athletes. This is because MCT are more rapidly absorbed by the body than LCT and more effeciently converted into fuel for immediate use by organs and muscles.

Yes, we are a big fan of coconut oil. A neighbour who is diabetic, had just undergone a heart bypass, high cholesterol and after seeing a program on TV about coconut oil had been taking 2 tbsp a day himself  from that day forward and feel much better.
We are coconut oil user for many years ourselves, handed down by our parents, but mainly topically, skin and hair. Our cousins though use it as food when they’re growing up as kids, we didn’t know by then that it can be use as food.
Miranda Kerr as we saw her again on a TV program, this time advocating people to do their own research on Coconut Oil.  Results speaks for themselves and she is a long time coconut oil user.
As always, everything should be in moderation and balanced. Coconut Oil is not the only ingredient to good health and weight loss.
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